This Week in Halftime: Leisure and Sports get #basic

Tim Annick waxes poetic on his first installment of “Just the Basics,” a satirical column meant to highlight just how basic we Hoyas can be.

If your biweekly Down Dog hot yoga class just isn’t burning the calories you need it to, rest assured, I have the solution. Instead of scarfing down that caloric cupcake, why not try some Fage Greek yogurt?

Erika Bullock digs past her inner basic self during a trip to the Glover Park/Burleith Farmer’s Market and really reflects on the implications of her experience.

By reaching out and asking, one can better understand the experiences of a vendor in Maryland, a farmer in Virginia, or a neighbor down the street, and what can seem so ordinary to one can be extraordinary to the other.


In Sports, Rob Ponce ponders his disappointment on FIFA’s decision to hold the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and what might happen if the country is stripped of its host status.

My prediction is that FIFA’s Board will be forced to select the country that can most easily and dependably accommodate millions of fans and supporters from around the world…that has the required stadiums already in place and has the resources to guarantee a lucrative and prosperous event for each nation involved.


And Steve Filocoma calculates just how much money the immortal “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” has saved for Cracker Jacks, in terms of free advertising.

While “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” has never topped any charts or sold out any rock arenas, to say it has proved valuable would be a gross understatement. When analyzed financially over time, the song has provided the owners of Cracker Jacks with a downright astounding benefit. I defy any of the musical stars of today to write a lyric as valuable.

Photo: Matthew Kang

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