Catholic U postpones Milk screening over worries of LGBTQ advocacy

milkGeorgetown may occasionally lapse into kicking its pro-choice student group off of a public sidewalk, but at least trying to watch a film about a gay politician on Georgetown’s campus wouldn’t be grounds for administrative intervention. Catholic University administrators postponed a screening of Milk over the possibility that the event would support LGBTQ advocacy.

Milk chronicles the life of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California. Milk was assassinated by a jealous political rival in 1978.

Catholic U actually has a campus policy which bans any events that advocate for positions contrary to Catholic teaching and rejected a bid by students to form an officially-recognized LGBTQ group in 2012. That’s right, 2012.

“There is a fine line, easily crossed, between a group dedicated to education and support of individuals who identify themselves as homosexuals and one that engages in advocacy on behalf of a homosexual lifestyle,” Catholic released in a statement in 2012, according to Crux.

Catholic’s administrators cancelled the Milk screening after seeing flyers for the event which read “Kick Off LGBT Awareness Month!” according to DCist.

Needless to say, a lot of student groups at Catholic are upset. “We are very disappointed that our event had to be canceled due to what is perceived to be a miscommunication within OCA [Office of Campus Activities],” Catholic U’s College Democrats, the group that originally planned the screening, said in a statement. “The CUA College democrats had no intention of undermining the administration or holding an event that went against school policies. We were under the impression that we had followed the guidelines necessary for hosting an event on campus. We are currently working to clear up the miscommunication and we look forward to showcasing the story of a politician who broke down barriers at a future date.”

Victor Nakas, Catholic U’s spokesman, said that the CU Dems’ original event proposal submission had no indication that the film screening would be related to LGBTQ advocacy or LGBTQ Awareness Month in any way. The event was just supposed to be “an educational discussion followed by a movie screening.”

They must have missed the part about how this film is about the life of one of the most celebrated gay people in American history.

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