Concert Preview: Bonding time with Dads in DC9

New Jersey emo rockers Dads are loaded with an extraordinary amount of personality, especially considering the band is comprised of just two dudes who really need to shave. They usually don’t even perform live with a bass. But this drum and guitar duo pours every drop of effort and intensity they have into their live performances, and they’re bringing their talents to DC9 on Friday, Oct. 24. Doors are at 5:30 p.m. and tickets are just $10, an absolute steal.

Dads are best described as an emo punk band and they were lumped in with all of that “emo revival” nonsense that was written about ad nauseam last year. Looking past music labeling, it’s easy to see Dads’ creativity and evolving style.

Their first compilation EP “Brush Your Teeth, Again ;)” has all the emotional breakdowns and quirky guitar jamming one would expect from a premier emo EP, but an undeniable charm and humorous self-awareness coat the entire project, giving away Dads’ free-spirited approach to making music. One of the song titles is “I Don’t Wanna Fuck With Another Dude’s Snacks.” This band unapologetically makes the music it wants and performs it the way it wants.

American Radass (this is important), the band’s first full-length album, gradually gained popularity since its release in August of 2012. On this full-length the duo really started hitting their stride. They gained so much songwriting depth and managed to lose none of their charm. Songs like “Shit Twins” and “Heavy to the Touch (think about tonight, forget about tomorrow)” explore the lasting emotional trauma of poisonous relationships all while weaving together a guitar and drum tag-team that has so much going on it’s hard to believe they used just two instruments (and a bass).

Drummer and vocalist John Bradley pounds out loud drum fills all while delivering personal and moving lines. “I could wait up sick, / waiting for a response, / I could wait up waiting for anything, / and it’s something that you’re completely okay with,” he sings on “Shit Twins.”

The EP “Pretty Good” was Dads’ latest release, and it dives down into heavier musical and lyrical territory. The mostly-instrumental “My Crass Patch” was Vox‘s favorite song from 2013 and it takes other drummers to school on being the leading instrument in a song. The shouted “be my change / don’t change a thing” line is tattoo- (or at least t-shirt) worthy.

Dads put on insane live performances. Their fanbase are some fabulously weird and devoted people who all seem to know the entire Dads discography.

With their next full-length album, I’ll Be The Tornado, coming out a week before the DC9 show, this is the perfect time to see Dads live. The singles from the album seem to be more exploration of the development they made on “Pretty Good,” along with their best production quality yet. Don’t miss Dads at DC9 on Oct. 24 at 6:00 p.m.

Photo: Dads via Facebook

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