Democracy at its finest: GUSA Senate elects committee chairs

Yesterday evening, Healy Room 106 was alive with the sound of some good old fashioned fist-pounding and huzzahing (okay, maybe not) at the GUSA Senate elections.

The elections were for the positions of Speaker, Vice Speaker, and chairmen of three different standing committees: Student Life, Intellectual Life, and Finance and Appropriations. Interestingly, 18 out of the 28 who cast their votes are new this year to the GUSA experience.

Kicking off the meeting was the election of Tyler Bridge (COL ’17) for Senate Speaker. Bridge, who previously served as Student Life Chair, will now be taking over the position previously held by Sam Greco (SFS ’15).

Two of Bridge’s main objectives this year include fostering a greater connection between the legislative and executive branches and supporting their constituents to enact tangible change on campus. “Yesterday, someone told me that the Senate should not exist … Some people think we don’t do anything, and I think this is a profound year to change that.”

Abbey McNaughton (COL ’16), who was elected to the position of Vice Speaker, ran uncontested. She stressed the development of sub-committees on various issues like dorm-life, dining, mental health, and the arts in the upcoming weeks.

Student Life Chair went to Enushe Khan (MSB ’17) and Intellectual Life Chair went to Elizabeth Oh (SFS ’15). Oh mentioned that one of her major focuses will be on restructuring CAPS to incorporate peer group therapy sessions that will enhance the mental health experience for Georgetown students.

Robert Shepherd (MSB ’15), who previously served as chair of the Subcommittee on Campus Funding Reform, was elected Finance and Appropriations (FinApp) Committee Chairman. The seven other elected members of FinApp Committee include Senators Bowers, Cheney, Meyerson, Johnson, Cohen, Kelley, and Shinbrot. Many of the senators emphasized the importance of building stronger relationships with student groups on campus to determine the best way to allocate resources.

Vox is looking forward to a good year with the Senate, especially the bits when they do something silly and we’re there to poke fun at them for it.

Photo: Marisa Hawley/The Georgetown Voice

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