Obama endorses Bowser for District mayor

No, not that Bowser. President Barack Obama has officially endorsed Democratic mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser, who won the primary in April.

Obama lauded Bowser in a press release. “She is a champion for working and middle-class families, and a passionate proponent of Washington, D.C.” Obama wrote. “Muriel knows that every hardworking D.C. resident deserves the opportunity to get ahead. That’s why she has partnered with local small businesses to create jobs and fought to give the children of D.C. a fair shot by investing in our schools.”

The campaign manager for David Catania, an independent candidate and Bowser’s strongest opponent, said Obama’s endorsement is just the Democrats’ nervous response to new polls, according to City Paper. The polls have Catania eight points behind Bowser. Catania was down 17 points in the previous poll.

Ironically, Obama can’t even vote for Bowser because he’s registered to vote in his home state, Illinois, as DCist pointed out.

Photo: Marc Nozell via Flickr

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