October construction update: Bye bye, Reiss pathway

Start leaving for class five minutes earlier than usual because, if you thought campus was already a maze of moving fences, the month of October is just making things worse.

In an email to the Georgetown University community sent last week, Vice President of Planning and Facilities Management Robin Morey highlighted the major construction projects of October and their accompanying changes in the roads and sidewalks on campus that will make a lot of daily treks to class filled with detours.

The Northeast Triangle project will begin very soon, likely within a week. Georgetown has even blessed the construction site. Vice President for Mission and Ministry Father Kevin O’Brien, S.J. did the blessing and said a few words at the site.

blessingO’Brien is Georgetown’s go-to expert on blessing stuff. He blessed the new crosses atop Healy Hall over the summer and a golf cart last year. At the Northeast Triangle site, O’Brien said that blessing the grounds of new buildings is an old, Judeo-Christian tradition and that the ability to build and create is an important part of Jesuit spirituality.

As construction of the Northeast Triangle officially begins, the Reiss pathway from Red Square to the Leavey Center will close on Monday, Oct. 13. Henle and Darnall residents (and anyone else who needs to walk along the east side of north campus) will now have to access Red Square around the back of Reiss.

In addition to the Reiss pathway, the Leavey bridge will close on Oct. 13. The building will be accessible through Regents Hall, as well as through new entrances in the northeast corner of the building, which Morey has not yet clarified.

In mid-October the former Jesuit residence will receive a scaffolding installation for window refurbishment.

At least one construction project is coming to an end this month, the exterior work of the Healy Family Student Center (Vox still hasn’t established a shorter name) will be done on Wednesday, Oct. 8. Bulldog Tavern will open Oct. 31 and Hilltoss is set to open Nov. 1.

Morey provides a link to a map of all the anticipated construction on campus for October along with a blog filled with details involving each construction project.

Good luck to everyone whose daily trek just became that much more inconvenient, and especially good luck to Henle residents like Vox who are kidding themselves into thinking that they’ll sleep past 8:00 on the weekdays during the noisy construction.

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