This Week in Halftime: Liking it before it’s cool

This week in Halftime, our writers discuss the things they like that are underappreciated by most people.

Robbie Ponce reflects on his continued love for the other NBA team in L.A., the Clippers.

I was caught watching the up-tempo, exciting Clippers on a few occasions and eventually, being called a “traitor” by my Lakers-supporting family members became less significant to me. Though I had trouble admitting it to myself and others, for the first time in years, I was having fun watching basketball. I was having fun watching the Clippers.

Katherine Landau heads to DuPont circle to find the cool, indie coffee and tea shops that are only a GUTS bus away from campus.

If your are dissatisfied with the lack of proper appeasement of your caffeine addiction in the greater Georgetown area, let me suggest a journey for you. Take an extremely pleasant 25 minute walk down Q or P street and you will find yourself at DuPont Circle, surrounded with coffee shops galore, and other great places to shop or just hang out.


Max Roberts takes the temperature of the NFL and tells us who’s hot and who’s not.

I like Jake Locker, I really do. The oft-hurt young quarterback for the Titans suffered another injury Sunday after enduring a brutal hit on an 11-yard touchdown run. Locker had completed 8 of 11 passes with one passing touchdown and the aforementioned rushing touchdown before he was forced to leave with what was called a hand injury. I’m hoping team doctors gave him the proper concussion tests on the sideline, because Locker’s head and neck seemed to bear much of the impact.

And Andrew Gutman reviews Gone Girl, the latest Fincher flik and finds it fine. Just fine.

But at the end of the day, there are few joys more sublime in mainstream American film than watching a master like Fincher at work. It’s always great to watch someone who knows what they’re doing, and few mainstream directors are as consistently technically masterful as Fincher. Gone Girl does nothing to break that streak.

Photo: Katherine Landau/Halftime

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