Photos: Reiss walkway closed by Northeast Triangle construction

The Reiss walkway closed on Monday, Oct. 13, making the lives of students living in Darnall and Henle more or less a pedestrian nightmare.

The path connecting Red Square and the south entrances to Henle, one of the principal walks across campus, is inaccessible, as well as the the Leavey Bridge. That means the Leavey Center is accessible only through Regents, the Leavey Hotel, and entrances near the Hariri Building.

A new means of accessing the building has been opened to make up for the closed Leavey Bridge. On Monday, construction workers expanded the entryway that opens to the stairs leading up to Vital Vittles.

For now and for the foreseeable future, pedestrians will have to walk around the back side of Reiss if they are going north from Red Square. The walk up Tondorf Drive, past the ICC, is more or less unaffected, except that pedestrians have to hug the west side of the roadway because of fencing.

Photos: Vicki Lam/Vox Populi

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