Catholic University approves Milk screening after coming to its senses

milkEarlier this month Catholic University cancelled a screening of¬†Milk, the biopic about California’s first openly gay person elected to public office, over concerns of LGBTQ advocacy. The administration has changed its mind now, however, and the screening is approved.

Catholic University, which does not even have an official LGBTQ student group, explicitly forbids any events which advocate positions contrary to Catholic Church teaching. When the College Democrats of Catholic U posted flyers for the film screening which said “Kick Off LGBT Awareness Month!” and had rainbow flags, administrators cancelled the event.

Catholic U’s administrators justified the cancellation by saying that the nature of the event may have changed from one of education to one of advocacy.¬†Student backlash pushed Catholic U to rethink that evaluation, and a meeting between the College Democrats and the administration helped clarify that the event is literally a film screening about a famous, gay man.

“Following a discussion and review of the program’s educational intent, the Director of Campus Activities approved the rescheduling of the event,” a spokesman wrote in a statement. “The College Democrats indicated that they will attempt to reschedule the program so that it takes place within the next month, hopefully by the end of October.”

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One Comment on “Catholic University approves Milk screening after coming to its senses

  1. You say “Does not even have an official LGBTQ student group” as if Georgetown supports the one here (or H*yas for Choice).

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