Flyer in Leavey stairwell protests inaccessibility

An anonymous person posted a snarky and pointed flyer in the Leavey Center stairwell today which points out that the building’s new entrance is not wheelchair accessible.

“This area is difficult to traverse for some of your friends and fellow Hoyas,” the flyer reads.

Construction workers hastily converted the maintenance entrance and stairwell, located on the street level underneath Vital Vittles, into a new entrance after the closure of the Leavey Bridge.

Anyone with a wheelchair would have to use the Leavey Center’s other entrances: the hotel entrance by the hospital, through Regents, and entrances by the Hariri building and Leavey Patio.

Georgetown’s hilly, stair-littered campus makes wheelchair accessibility a challenge, but this side of the Leavey Center is especially bad and needs a new option.

Photo: Daniel Varghese/Vox Populi

One Comment on “Flyer in Leavey stairwell protests inaccessibility

  1. This seems like it should be easily solvable, as there is a freight elevator right next door…

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