Georgetown rabbi accused of voyeurism allegedly invited Towson students to use synagogue showers

Barry Freundel‘s alleged voyeurism keeps looking worse and worse. After charging the Kesher Israel synagogue rabbi with six counts of misdemeanor voyeurism last week, police say they found evidence of hundreds of videos of women using the synagogue’s ritual showers over a long range of time. Now, Towson University students have come forward saying that they may have been filmed after Freundel invited them to Kesher Israel.

An adjunct professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Freundel allegedly took some students on field trips to the ritual bathing room—called a mikvah—in the synagogue. Towson suspended Freundel without pay following his arrest.

“He [Freundel] basically said that not all Orthodox synagogues have [a mikvah], so it was kind of a rarity,” Towson student Nicole Coniglio said, according to The Towerlight. “He told us he was instrumental in getting it to his synagogue, he was proud of it. He proposed it as a special opportunity, something that you wouldn’t be able to participate in every day.”

Police say that Freundel likely used a clock radio and a fan in the showers to hide hidden cameras. Police say they found manuals for both pieces of equipment, including hidden cameras, in Freundel’s home.

According to Jonathan Munshaw, the editor of the campus paper who was interviewed by The Washington Post, as many as 15 students accepted Freundel’s invitation to use the mikvah. The teacher who has replaced Freundel in his Towson class allowed students time to vent and discuss how Freundel’s arrest has made them feel. According to Munshaw, several students broke down into tears and one fled the room.

Towson’s spokesman Ray Feldmann said that Freundel did take his students to Kesher Israel but also said that Towson administrators did not know about the field trips and did not approve them, according to The Washington Post.

“That would have been over the line and inappropriate for a professor teaching a class here,” Feldmann said.

Freundel’s next hearing will be held on Nov. 12.

Photo: Mola Lenghi via Twitter

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