Humorous banner protests Reiss Walkway closure

Last night an unknown person or group of people decided to take matters into their own hands and tear down the wall blocking off the Reiss Walkway. It was more of a figurative tearing down, however, because the unknown group just put up a banner with some funny stuff on it.

“Mr. DeGioia—tear down this wall!” the banner reads, right underneath a chalked-out “FREE HENLE.” The banner also calls for a “time for peace” and for everyone to “act up,” alongside Soviet Union and U.S. flags and imagery from The Hunger Games trilogy.

It is currently unknown if the Georgetown secret police have begun investigating this brave resistance movement.

Photo: Kenneth Lee/Vox Populi

One Comment on “Humorous banner protests Reiss Walkway closure

  1. This is only the start of the revolution. They cannot keep us in a cage. More to come. #FreeHenle #VivaLaFishBowl

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