District to appeal court decision ending concealed carry ban

The District attorney general’s office is not going quietly with the July ruling that deemed D.C.’s total ban on guns in public unconstitutional because of the Second Amendment. For the first time since the ruling, Attorney General¬†Irv Nathan has said that his office will appeal the decision.

Although Judge Frederick Scullin Jr. made his decision in July, he granted D.C. a 90-day stay to allow them time to prepare safety measures, which the Council used to create a restrictive handgun permit system. Unfortunately, those have proven too restrictive for the gun lovers that brought the original lawsuit against D.C. and they have challenged the new laws.

Nathan’s office waited until now to announce its intention to appeal not out of indecisiveness but because it wanted to prepare and assess the situation as it developed.

Scullin has already denied the District’s request for the ruling to be delayed until the appeal process is over, making Nathan’s chances of having that same request approved very low.

Photo: Emily Stanchfield via Flickr

One Comment on “District to appeal court decision ending concealed carry ban

  1. An anti-Bill of Rights mindset pervades WA D.C. Only the Constitution prevents them from having their way. What irony.

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