Christian protesters preach damnation at University front gates

Update, Wednesday 7:25 pm: In a phone interview with Vox, GUPD Chief Jay Gruber clarified the protester’s removal from campus. He said that the protesters were originally on campus by the gates and Healy Circle but were removed because people who are not members of the community and do not receive University benefits are not allowed to protest or demonstrate on campus. The protesters were removed to the public property outside of the main gates, where they protested for about two hours before leaving the area of their own volition.

Original post: Vox is going straight to Hell. At least that’s what a small group of protesters at the campus front gates were saying earlier today. In fact, anyone who reads this blog probably qualifies for going to Hell as well. Oh well.

The protesters held signs that said “fear him who has the power to cast you into Hell” (Luke 12:5), and “WARNING, flee from the wrath to come” (Matthew 3:7) and shouted slogans of conversion.

GUPD officers responded to the protest (pictured below) and made the group move from the brick area of the front gates onto the street or public sidewalk area.

gupd protestersGetting moved by GUPD from the front gates is probably the only thing these guys have in common with H*yas for Choice. H*yas for Choice mercifully doesn’t use a megaphone.

Vox doesn’t know if this little protest was prompted by anything specific or if these guys just planned a good, old-fashioned, burn-in-Hell protest as part of their family trip to the nation’s capital.

The protesters cleared out relatively quickly and moved away from the front gates.

While Vox enjoys taking Gospel verses extremely out of context as much as the next evangelical, most students were busy going on their way to class and just didn’t really care, although some staged a little counter-protest of sorts and held up a rainbow flag.

Additional reporting by Dan Paradis and Elizabeth Baker

Photos: Elizabeth Baker/Vox Populi and Dan Paradis/Vox Populi

8 Comments on “Christian protesters preach damnation at University front gates

  1. Question: Is there any indication that they were protesting the gays?

    I’m just saying “Repent and believe in the Gospel” is something the Pope could say. Are the gays automatically gonna protest him too?

  2. @Stills: yes, they were specifically saying that all “sodomites” are going to hell, along with all Catholics and other Christians who do not believe in a hyper-Calvinistic gospel.

    All in all, most of the protest was anti-Catholic; but, there were specific anti-gay statements. Still, after talking to one of them and them making clear that they do not believe in free will, I guess I’m just predestined to think they’re full of shit.

  3. @Someone who was there: Thanks for clarifying.

    That’s what I thought but no one appreciated my spontaneous kiss-in.

  4. “And this is why you can’t just declare everything under the sun a free speech zone. Would you really want this in Healy Circle? Protesters have a right to protest…and the rest of us have a right to get away from it.” — some of the commentary on Facebook on this

  5. @Freeze in heaven

    They can still kick these people out while protecting student free speech throughout campus though. GUPD policy is to stop all demonstrations of non-affiliates. Just make all of campus a free speech zone for all University affiliates.

  6. We don’t need protestors to tell us that Vox is going to hell

  7. It’s amazing to me how many people passionately want to restrict speech. Look, these guys aren’t hurting anyone. Why shouldn’t they be able to protest in Healy Circle?

  8. We don’t need you to tell us that 4E should be going to hell

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