Georgetown community helps find faculty member’s abducted dog

On Tuesday morning, the tiny, fluffy poodle Charlie was taken by a stranger right outside of Saxbys at 35th and O Street. Community outreach and a rescue campaign proved successful, and Charlie was recovered by police this morning.

Charlie is a rescue dog in the care of Georgetown faculty member Carole Sargent, who works in the Provost’s office. Sargent has been training Charlie so that he can be adopted since early September.

Sargent took Charlie with her to Saxbys on Tuesday morning and left him tied up outside. She intentionally sat where she could see Charlie through the window, she said in an interview with Vox. But Sargent said that she must have been distracted for a moment because she looked up and Charlie was gone.

Sargent said that she made a mistake in leaving Charlie outside, something that she will never do with a dog again.

After realizing that Charlie was taken, Sargent filed a police report about the missing dog, created a Facebook page, and began getting the Georgetown community’s help in tracking down Charlie. Sargent said that her five student dog-walkers helped her get student support for finding Charlie.

Sargent said that she was amazed at the community’s assistance and interest. This morning, Sargent’s outreach paid off and Charlie was found.

Sargent decided not to press charges against the person who took Charlie.

Charlie is safe and sound. He is a very timid dog and did not make a single sound during Vox‘s interview with Sargent.

Photo: Ryan Greene/Vox Populi

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