GU College Republicans weigh-in on mayoral race

Washington, D.C. is so Democrat that the Republican Party has chosen not to bother with putting up a candidate for the Nov. 4 mayoral election. The Georgetown College Republicans may find solace in two of the race’s slightly more conservative, independent candidates, David Catania and Carol Schwartz, however.

College Republicans Director of Communications Paul Spezia (SFS ’17) said that Catania and Schwartz could have a broad appeal as former members of the Republican Party. The two independents face off against Democratic nominee Muriel Bowser, who has the lead in the polls and the bigger wallet during this final week before the election.

“Both [Catania and Schwartz] seem to differ with the Republican Party consensus largely on social issues,” Spezia wrote in an email to Vox. “I believe the Republican Party is largely trending towards a broader policy on social issues, especially as they refocus their identity as a ‘Big Tent‘ party. Perhaps those in D.C. that identify with the Republican party will vote for one of these candidates based on their fiscally conservative opinions.”

Those are relatively conservative fiscal opinions, to be sure, in the same way that contemporary, French socialists are relatively more conservative than Karl Marx. The point still stands, however, that Catania and Schwartz had Republican roots. An elephant never forgets, after all.

Vox actually recently learned that Catania is a Georgetown alum. Catania moved to D.C. to attend Georgetown University in 1986. Upon graduation from the School of Foreign Service in 1990 and the Law Center in 1994, he became a permanent resident of the District.

Prior to being elected to the D.C. Council in 1997 as a Republican candidate, he served as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner. Catania is the first openly gay member of the D.C. Council and was one of few gay Republicans in office until he left the party to become an independent in 2004.

It looks like Catania has a long way to go if he wants to take down Bowser, though. Bowser leads the polls with 44 percent of the likely voters, with Catania lagging 17 points behind at 27 percent.

The Georgetown College Democrats did not respond to requests for comment about the mayoral election at the time of publishing.

Photo: Ted Eytan via Flickr

3 Comments on “GU College Republicans weigh-in on mayoral race

  1. Catania actually routinely says he is the “most progressive” candidate in the race, and Schwartz routinely points out that her children and husband are all Democrats. Both have a laundry list of spending items they favor and both are probably actually more statist than Muriel Bowser, the Democrat.

    Though in fact these three incumbent and former politicians differ little on any issues. I actually have very different positions

  2. Vox regularly identifies alums with their school and year of graduation in parentheses after first mention, even when stated explicitly elsewhere in the article. Why not extend the same courtesy to Catania here?

  3. @Rob

    Towards the end of this post, Vox noted that he just recently learned that David Catania went to Georgetown. Catania’s school and year will follow the first use of his name in future Vox posts.

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