Free Friday: Fear at the Freer Gallery of Art

Not sure what you want to do this Halloween night to replace the empty hole in your heart of no longer trick or treating? Vox has an idea for you!

The Freer Gallery of Art, located at the south end of the National Mall, is hosting a Halloween special event, Fear at the Freer.

The Freer Gallery of Art is a part of the Smithsonian’s national museums of Asian art. It’s home to over 26,000 pieces spanning 6,000 years of history.

Fear at the Freer will highlight the spookier pieces of art in the collection and allow guests to learn their mysterious meanings. Guests will also have the chance to make a mask inspired by Freer art. Food will be exclusively from the Tokyo in the City food truck.

At 7 p.m. the museum will be screening the horror film Ringu, the 1998 movie that inspired the American film that still gives Vox nightmares, The Ring.

Ringu parallels the story lines of many American horror films.  It’s about a few teenagers who watch a mysterious video tape about a Japanese urban legend. After watching the tape, they receive a phone call telling them they only have seven days to live.

Vox wishes you a Happy Halloween and hopes that you don’t receive any mysterious phone calls tonight.

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