Campus Crime Watch: Petty thefts plague the Hilltop in October

The Georgetown University Police Department reported 32 cases of violent and property crime in Oct., 2014. The Leavey Center remains the campus’ most crime-ridden location, with six thefts reported there, though crimes were rather spread out throughout last month.

24 unfortunate people who chose to leave their backpacks, phones, and wallets lying around while they lined up for a cup of coffee, ran an errand in the library, or otherwise did something that left their valuables unattended had their property spirited away.

Of the 24 thefts and burglaries reported, only two cases were closed, and only because the informants eventually found that their stuff was lying about nearby. Every other case is “pending investigation.”

As always, all of the reported crimes are listed above in our fancy, interactive map. Here are a few cases that caught Vox‘s attention.

Harassment: A student reported to campus police of a “domestic harassment” case on Oct. 7 in Village A. The cops referred the case to the Office of Student Conduct, which apparently issued an “administrative no contact order.”

Theft: On Sept. 29, a contractor reported that some construction equipment on Tondorf Road was stolen. Perhaps the beginning of a resistance movement against the Northeast Triangle construction?

Unlawful Entry: GUPD observed that “a previously barred individual” was inside Epicurean and arrested that individual on Oct. 28. Considering that Epicurean is where hundreds of drunk people eat pizza every weekend means it must be pretty hard to be barred from it.

Drug Violation: On Oct. 16, a GUPD officer caught students using illegal narcotics at the Observatory, which is probably the most romantic spot on campus to get arrested, second to the very dreamy Healey Family Student Center fireplace.

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