Comments of the Week: Happy Halloweekend, go burn in Hell

Last week, Vox asked Georgetown’s College Republicans what they have to say about the overtly Democratic D.C. mayoral race, told the tale of a University professor recovering her abducted dog, and reported on GUSA’s town hall on a proposed cultural group advisory board (complete with a draft constitution for everybody to scrutinize!).

Responding to an article on a well-attended seminar on institutional torture and abuse, Nancy Weiss appreciated that the University is sponsoring a lecture and performance series on disability justice.

The University should be commended for giving people with disabilities and people who have been subjected to these abuses an opportunity to speak for themselves and have their experiences heard. These are abuses that would not be tolerated if used against any other disenfranchised group. The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture has determined the techniques used at the Judge Rotenberg Center to be torture that would not be legal if used even against convicted terrorists. When will the United States enact policy to protect vulnerable citizens? This panel discussion is an important step in continuing to make the public aware of these critical issues. Congratulations to each of the speakers for your wisdom, insight and bravery in assuring your voices are heard and to the planners of this event for offering this important forum.

Meanwhile, Vox continues to probe into the alleged shenanigans of disgraced Georgetown rabbi Barry Freundel‘s life. He no longer has a sandwich that shares his namesake, and joe hoya had this to say.


In a distinctly Halloween fashion, a bunch of Evangelical protestors descended on Georgetown’s front steps to tell every Catholic to burn in hell, as if to coincide with Halloweekend. Students’ reactions were mixed, as Freeze in heaven indicated:

“And this is why you can’t just declare everything under the sun a free speech zone. Would you really want this in Healy Circle? Protesters have a right to protest…and the rest of us have a right to get away from it.” — some of the commentary on Facebook on this

In response, Stills said:

It’s amazing to me how many people passionately want to restrict speech. Look, these guys aren’t hurting anyone. Why shouldn’t they be able to protest in Healy Circle?

Finally, Copely Creeper had this to say:

We don’t need protestors to tell us that Vox is going to hell

That’s fair.

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