Washington City Paper reminds you not to light up weed in public after tomorrow’s election

If polls are to be believed, Washington, D.C. will legalize marijuana with a referendum vote during tomorrow’s election. While crowds in Colorado and Washington state had their fun publicly celebrating marijuana legalization, Vox recommends that you not take tomorrow’s likely vote too far and make smoking a joint part of your walk to M Street’s Chipotle.

First and foremost, Initiative 71, the marijuana legalization law, will not change the status of marijuana on Georgetown’s campus. Georgetown has been very clear on this for months: regardless of weed’s legal status in D.C., it is still illegal federally, and Georgetown must comply with both federal and local law.

“Georgetown University complies with local AND [sic] federal laws,” Georgetown Director of Media Relations Rachel Pugh wrote in an email to Vox over the summer. “Federal law prohibits possession, manufacturing, [and] use of marijuana. We do not have any plans to change the student code of conduct.”

This is typical for colleges in areas where marijuana has been legalized or decriminalized.

Additionally, Initiative 71 does not legalize the use of marijuana in public. All Initiative 71 does is legalize possession of up to two ounces of marijuana for personal use and the growth of up to six cannabis plants.

“I’m worried that the city is going to erupt in smoking on election night,” D.C. Cannabis Campaign chair Adam Eidinger said, according to Washington City Paper. “That is not the kind of behavior we are looking for. Celebrate at home.”

A mass weed-smoking celebration is even more of a bad idea because areas like the National Mall are federal and not city land.

D.C. officials expect that the law might face some challenges in Congress, which gets to review local laws. Three cheers for not being a state.

“We are going to raise hell like you wouldn’t believe,” Eidinger said, according to Washington City Paper about what would happen if the law were blocked by Congress.

h/t Washington City Paper

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2 Comments on “Washington City Paper reminds you not to light up weed in public after tomorrow’s election

  1. sooooooooo is this one of those things where Adam Eidinger can’t SAY he condones publicly celebrating, or does he ACTUALLY not want us to go out and DC and revel together?

    I guess I’m asking if Eidinger winked at in point in the interview?

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