Muriel Bowser wins D.C. mayoral election

Muriel Bowser, three-term Ward 4 Council member, has defeated Independent candidate David Catania (SFS ’90, LAW ’94) today to become the next mayor of the District of Columbia.

Catania conceded just after 11 p.m. tonight after it became clear that victory was all but impossible. By 11 p.m., 115 out of the 143 precincts were reporting in and Bowser had 54 percent of the vote compared to Catania’s 34 percent. Carol Schwartz, another Independent, had 7 percent.

“This race did not end the way we had hoped, but I congratulate Miss Bowser on a well-run race,” Catania said to his supporters after conceding, according to DCist.

Bowser’s victory is not a surprise. After winning the Democratic primary in April and defeating incumbent Mayor Vincent Gray, it was likely that Bowser would win the whole election considering a Republican or Independent has never won a popular vote in any election in D.C.’s history. She also had a robust lead in the polls throughout most of the campaigning.

Early election day voting splits showed that, while Catania had a slight to moderate lead in Wards 2, 3, and 6, Bowser absolutely crushed Catania in Wards 4, 5, 7, and 8, which comprised the strong base of her political support and have traditionally carried many D.C. mayoral candidates to victory.

It also didn’t hurt that Bowser was endorsed by The Washington Post, as well as the President of the United States, who happens to be a resident in the District in a large, White House down the road.

Throughout the campaign, Bowser emphasized that if elected she would improve the public school system, ensure public safety, build up neighborhoods, foster a creative economy, and ensure healthcare for residents. Let’s see how her first term holds up to those promises.

Photo: Alan Bowser via Flickr

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  2. Is that a blunt Bowser’s smoking? It looks like someones excited about the referendum.

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