Twuesday Tweetacular: Deliver Vox dogs, please


Good point, Georgetown Heckler. Although, in fairness, GUPD moves both the Calvinists and the condom-providers. Rumor has it that they went down the block to hang out with H*yas for Choice in Saxbys.

The yellow caution tape in this tweet is making Vox extremely nervous. Leo’s used to be a refuge from the loud sounds of trucks and the clutter of fences. Georgetown Dining, does this mean more construction?

Anthony Spears raises an interesting point. No matter how much you’re drowning in tests or papers, just remember that you’ll handle it better than Britney Spears ever handled anything.

While the fact that Uber DC delivered kittens is absolutely adorable, as a dog person, Vox will be personally offended if they do not do the same thing on Aug. 26 for National Dog Day. Yes, that’s a thing.

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