Georgetown students win ANC seats in uncontested bid

Yesterday, Georgetown students Reed Howard (SFS ’17) and Kendyl Clausen (SFS ’16) were elected to the Advisory Neighborhood Commission as uncontested write-ins.

Howard and Clausen, representing ANC 2E08 and 2E04, respectively, originally intended to run on the ballot, but, according to Clausen, the process for petitioning to get on the ballot took place over the summer.

“It requires 25 signatures of current residents of a single member district who are registered to vote,” Clausen said in an interview with Vox. “Because the process occurs during the summer, when most Georgetown students are either living outside of D.C. or off Georgetown’s campus, neither of us were able to secure the votes necessary to be listed on the ballot—hence the write-in campaign.”

Howard and Clausen decided against the conventional strategy since they did not have to worry about competition. “Instead, the campaign revolved more around using the election to get the word out about the ANC and its purpose, so that in the future, we can have increased student involvement in neighborhood relations, especially in drafting the next campus plan,” Clausen said. “Through our ‘Reed & Kendyl for ANC‘ Facebook page, I think we were most able to spread the word about the election.”

According to the DC Board of Elections website, only 10 votes were cast in 2E04 and 32 in 2E08. However, these numbers only reflect votes cast by those who are currently registered in the District. The “special ballots”, or those cast by individuals with same-day registration, will supposedly take the ANC D.C. Board of Elections an entire month to tally. “As write-in candidates, we won’t officially have the results until the end of November,” Clausen said.

The election of Howard and Clausen to the Commission will certainly be beneficial when it comes to facilitating a more cordial dialogue with Georgetown residents and incorporate student input into the decision making process. Hopefully once all the official results are in, there will be a lot more than 42 votes and Vox‘s faith in democracy will be restored.

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2 Comments on “Georgetown students win ANC seats in uncontested bid

  1. Correction: The ANC obviously doesn’t tally the votes. The DCBOEE does. You go to Georgetown and don’t understand how an election works?

    -Unimpressed Alum

  2. @Josh

    ANC has been changed to D.C. Board of Elections.

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