Uber’s kitten promotion is uber-cute (and socially responsible)

Last week, Uber celebrated National Cat Day in the perfectly: delivering real, live kittens to city-dwelling cat-lovers.

This marks the second year in a row that the ride-sharing service has shuttled these cute cats across seven different cities: Austin, Chicago, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, and, of course, D.C.. Between noon and 4 p.m., people could request the “KITTENS” option on the Uber app and and have them delivered directly to their door.

Although it costs $30 for only 15 minutes of play time, each dollar is directly donated to the participating animal shelter in that respective city. Uber also said they would match all donations made to the participating shelters through the company app.

The kittens that were delivered in D.C. all came from the Washington Humane Society. A representative from the shelter accompanied the fuzzy furballs in case the kitten recipients decided to adopt.

Payment for the kitten deliver through the app alone was over $1,000, and with Uber’s matching contribution, the total donations from last week’s promotion are estimated to be more than $2,000. According to a spokesperson for the Washington Humane Society, however, Uber is still processing the final figures to determine exactly how much money was raised.

In total, WHS transported 14 adorable kittens in six different vehicles across the District in honor of National Cat Day. Even Congressman Moran thought Uber’s kitten promotion was the cat’s pajamas.

Photo: London looks via flickr

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