Leo’s to get fancy with rustic farmhouse facelift

Remember when Leo’s was aesthetically pleasing? Neither does Vox. However, that is all about to change(?) with the snazzy new redesign plan for Georgetown’s favorite dining hall.

Earlier this week, Georgetown Dining tweeted that “Leo’s new look” is coming soon. According to Joelle Wiese, associate vice president of Auxiliary Business Services at the University, all of the tables on the upper level are being replaced with smaller square tables made of walnut and beech wood.

“Additionally, we are adding some high-top seating and tables with a vintage farmhouse rustic feel,” Wiese wrote in an email to Vox. “These tables will feature a walnut stool.” Aramark, the contractor that staffs and supplies Leo’s, decided upon the wooden-style theme based on what is currently trending in food service operations (which hopefully does not include maggots).

Wiese explained that because the upstairs of Leo’s has a peculiar, football shape, the current floorplan is inflexible and thus not optimal for group dining. “Over the years we have received complaints on the large round tables not being very student friendly,” she said. “These tables will allow students who are in larger groups to sit together, while the high communal tables will provide a different option when that format is more appealing to a student.”

The new arrangement is also expected to improve space efficiency—and reduce overall awkwardness—with fewer empty seats at peak times. Students should expect to see this fancy new layout by the start of Spring semester.

Personally, Vox is pretty excited about the idea of farmhouse furniture in the dining hall, especially because Buzzfeed just revealed that her design aesthetic is rustic.

Photo: Georgetown Dining via Twitter

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  1. Leo’s, once again, missing the forest for the trees.

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