Last Week on Halftime: Releasing the campus tension any way you can

The Halftime staff sure knows how to throw down. This week they wrote about the original Spy Kids and college football and created a playlist in memory of the Reiss Pathway.

Erika Bullock and friends undertake a re-watch of one of the greatest cinematic masterpieces of our time: Spy Kids.

“Our viewing experience of Spy Kids, 13 years later, is hard to put into words. At points we felt uncomfortable; at others, nostalgic; at times, we worried about how long Floop’s thumb-minions would haunt our dreams. Perhaps the best way to convey our mixed emotions is through visual representation from the film itself.” (Note: see article cover photo)

Ryan Miller salts the Rockets’, Blazers’, and Kings’ wounds, and looks back on their decisions to drop some key players.

“ However, some smaller names switched clubs, and their former teammates are already wishing their old friends hadn’t jumped ship. Obviously the Heat will miss LeBron and the Pacers will miss Lance, but what about the rotation guys? These are the role players on new teams whose former franchises already wish would come back.”

Christina Libre builds a playlist to get you through those #FREEHENLE blues. RIP, Reiss Pathway.

“This fall, however, residents of the Henle Village are feeling more trapped than usual. Campus construction has left many crying, “Wherefore art thou, Reiss Walkway?,” as they brace themselves for the journey through the labyrinthine fences surrounding the complex. Henle residents need a way to express the many shades of frustration and dysphoria they are feeling. What better way to sort through the myriad of emotions provoked by campus construction than through a musical narrative?”

Jay Benjamin maps out College football’s Week 11 as the playoff race continues:

“With four games remaining in the regular season, college football programs across the nation are buckling down for the push to the inaugural Playoff. This Saturday’s games are likely to have dramatic effects upon the landscape of the season, with a slate of crucial matchups scheduled for the week 11. While this week lacks the glamorous, top-5 SEC West showdowns that have dominated the scope of college football coverage in recent weeks, it may be the most influential stretch of the season.”

Photo: IMDB

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