Milzman sentenced to one year in prison for ricin possession

Daniel Milzman (COL ’16) was sentenced this morning to one year in prison for his possession of ricin, an extremely deadly poison, in his McCarthy dorm room last spring. Milzman’s sentencing follows a plea deal which could result in his release to a half-way house this winter.

While the charge brought against Milzman carries a fine of up to $250,000 and a prison term of up to five years, his plea deal has gotten him far less. The plea deal counts time Milzman has already served in prison, since Milzman has been locked up for the past seven and a half months .

Time off for good behavior might see Milzman released before January.

Milzman was originally reported to the police by Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15), Milzman’s friend, after Milzman came to Lloyd, showed him a bag of white powder, and said it was ricin, according to court documents.

When Lloyd asked Milzman if he planned to use the ricin on someone with whom Milzman had a previous relationship, Milzman shrugged, according to court documents. Lloyd called the police after Milzman left.

Since the discovery of the ricin, Milzman has said only that he planned to use the ricin on himself, according to court documents.

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One Comment on “Milzman sentenced to one year in prison for ricin possession

  1. one year seems lenient. you know the DA would have thrown the book at him if people thought he was an actual TURRORIST

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