D.C. Congressional Delegate introduces bill to strip NFL of tax-exempt status over Redskins’ name

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder isn’t convinced by the public outcry over his team’s racist name and he’s noted repeatedly that he will “never” change the name on his own. While Snyder clearly doesn’t care about looking like a bigot, he and the other NFL owners probably care about the size of their bank accounts.

D.C. Congressional Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton introduced a bill to the House which seeks to remove the National Football League’s tax-exempt status if it continues to support the Redskins and their name.

“American taxpayers have been subsidizing a multi-billion dollar league that promotes what has now been officially found to be a racial slur for profitable gain,” Norton said during the bill’s introduction, according to DCist. “Relief from taxes should no longer be given to a league that profits from the continued use of a racial slur, which degrades some Americans. As an organization that enjoys tax-exempt benefits, the NFL also has a duty to American taxpayers to ensure that its teams are not promoting or benefiting from a racial slur.”

Senator Maria Cantwell has introduced a companion bill to the (temporarily) Democrat-controlled Senate.

Norton’s bill probably won’t be considered by the Republican-controlled House, but it’s a good try and puts more pressure on Snyder’s organization to stop being racist.

Photo: David via Flickr

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