This Week in the Voice: Hockey skates on into D.C.

hockeyIn this week’s feature, Kevin Huggard covers the slow but steady growth of hockey in D.C. and even at Georgetown.

With its mild winters and mid-Atlantic location, the District lacks a long hockey history that cities like Boston, Chicago, and Detroit boast. For a long time, enthusiasm for the sport remained confined to such colder climes. Slowly, however, that has begun to change, with Washington, D.C. on the leading edge of the game’s expansion. While the winter ice may be thicker in Montreal and Toronto, Canada’s game has arrived in America’s capital, and it does not seem likely to leave.

News reports on the recent administration announcement that the University’s diversity centers will not be consolidated.

In Leisure, the newly-opened Bulldog Tavern gets a review and fails to impress.

In his Sports Sermon, Chris Castano discusses the importance of team names as a rallying point for each franchise.

Julia Hubbell defends sweatpants in Voices and questions why no one at Georgetown embraces their comfort and DGAF attitude.

In light of Thomas Lloyd‘s (SFS ’15) recent op-ed criticizing the University’s response to the Milzman ricin incident, the Editorial Board echoes Lloyd’s concerns and calls for a re-examination of Residential Living policy and emergency preparedness.

And Page 13 gives its survival tips as students enter their final Hell weeks.

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