Comments of the Week: Why you gotta be so cruel?


Last week Vox posted about the Voice‘s online feature exposing some RAs’ troubling problems with the Office of Residential Living and followed it up with some reporting of his own when the University responded. The entire issue began when Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15), friend and first responder to the Daniel Milzman (formerly COL ’16) ricin incident, wrote in an op-ed in The Hoya about how the crisis affected him personally and criticized the way the University handled him. Oh, and the Corp opened a new salad store last week.

Placenta complained that there wasn’t a trigger warning accompanying a news article, missing or ignoring the part in the second sentence where it says some of the RA stories are about sexual assault.

I understand the value of presenting the harsh realities of the experiences of certain Georgetown students, but if you are going to present an explicit account of clearly traumatic experiences, please consider adding a warning or a trigger warning ahead of the text. I’m asking because this article has definitely set off emotional reactions in myself and other people I know. Respectfully, I understand the right for the press to publish what it wants, but considering what I and others have suffered, I’m asking you to please add a warning. Thank you.

Stills told placenta to take a hike.

Don’t ask for special treatment if you can’t be bothered to read the second sentence.

Stills went at it again over on the post about the University response to the RA stories, this time being mean to Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson.

“outreach has already begun” is Olsonish for “we will find the dissidents and crush them.”

lol jk I’m sure they’ll handle the response to this story as well as they handled the initial complaints.

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