Lone protester interrupts first-ever Muslim prayer service at National Cathedral

Remember when religious protesters told Vox that she was going to hell? It’s not only Georgetown’s front gates that are filled with loud mouths denouncing others’ religious views, but the National Cathedral as well. Well, at least one loud-mouthed lady did that.

The first Muslim prayer service ever to take place at the National Cathedral was interrupted by one rude protester.

Muslims knelt on their prayer rugs as they were trying to peacefully prepare for the service to begin, only to be disturbed by an outburst.

“Jesus Christ is on that cross over there,” she said. “Get out of our Church. Leave our Church alone.”

Vox noticed that the woman in the video looks a lot like the woman who cleverly connected Monster energy drinks to Satan in a recent video, and a quick Google search seems to confirm her suspicion that they are, in fact, the same woman, apparently named Christine Weick.

The National Cathedral has hosted Muslims in interfaith services, but this was the first time ever that Muslims lead their own prayer service. The Cathedral decided to hold this invitation-only service to help foster an acceptance between Christians and Muslims together around the world.

It was far from easy for worshipers to feel a sense of acceptance between faiths as the protester shouted over their prayer.

“We have built and allowed you here in mosques across this country,” she said. “Why can’t you worship in your mosque and leave our church alone?”

The protester was physically removed from the prayer service by cathedral police as the service began.

Weick was not the only one in opposition to the Muslim prayer service. A group of D.C. motorcyclists planned to protest the service in a Facebook event titled Bikers vs. Muslims.

Even some prominent leaders such as Reverend Franklin Graham, the son of evangelist and American Christian leader Billy Graham, spoke out against the prayer service, stating that the Cathedral should not open its doors to worship anything different from the God of the Bible.

Since the protester had to leave the Cathedral immediately, Vox thinks she wouldn’t last a minute shouting at students inside the front gates of Georgetown. She is no match for GUPD.

Video: Spiritual Entity via YouTube

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