I’m breaking up with you, Vox Populi

Vox Populi, we need to talk. It’s important. It’s about us.

Look, I do like you a lot and I think you’re a great blog, I really do. But it’s not you. It’s me. I just feel like you take up all of my time and I need some space to focus on me for a while.

I’m sorry to make you so upset. We’ve been together for a very long time. You met me when I was young, awkward, and bad at writing. I really grew as a person with you and like to think I’m now at least competent at writing.

Being with you at the beginning was a dream. We went on dates to exciting, new Georgetown restaurants, saw the red pandas at the National Zoo, acted like total hot messes at Tombs, and fell in love over the short-lived burst of energy in the campus music scene.

We had some tough times together, too. Just this year, we covered a tragic meningitis death and RA reports of mishandled, work-related sexual assaults, and got troublingly invested in the Georgetown neighborhood’s allegedly voyeuristic rabbi, Barry Freundel.

But this year wasn’t all serious. We met a cute doggie, laughed at some Calvinist protesters, and even tried tossing some salad together.

I need to move on, and I know you eventually will, too. I hope you will remember me for who I was and will forgive the things I still lack. Don’t hold on to your grudge. You’ll still have somebody to love, and you won’t know that you’re the blood in my veins. Farewell, Vox Populi.

Photo: Isabel Echarte/Vox Populi

9 Comments on “I’m breaking up with you, Vox Populi

  1. You were the second best damn blog editor this town has ever seen! We’re gonna miss you, ginger boy!

  2. My good friend and loyal writer, it has been an honor watching you grow as a writer and salsa dancer. Your growth had brought tears to my tired old eyes. I look forward to your coming adventures and hope you attack them like a hungry monkey attacks a freshly pealed banana. Stay young my friend. Stay beautiful and stay free. God bless you. I am not actually John Stamos

  3. Love this. My favorite sign off post yet I think.
    You da bomb ryry. Also thanks for the photocred

  4. Ryan I love you. See you in the office! Vox – I will be back with a storm. <3

  5. Whoops. Seems as if I was late to this party.


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