SaxaNet, Georgetown Google services face serious slowdown

Vox offers his deepest apologies if you tried loading this web page while using SaxaNet. Not only does Vox run a little on the slow side, but Georgetown’s on-campus WiFi network and Google services have suffered significant speed reduction and loading errors this past week.

Chief Information Officer Lisa Davis alerted the Georgetown University community to problems with Georgetown’s Google services in an email earlier this week.

“Access to Google Apps is sporadically slow and/or failing for some users,” Davis wrote in her email. “We’re working with Google to address this as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you are affected please quit your web browser, wait for five minutes, and then try again.”

If even the Office of the CIO is telling everyone to just try rebooting and seeing if that works then you can bet it’s a serious problem.

University Information Services believes it is a problem on Google’s end and not Georgetown’s.

“When sporadic and disrupted service were first reported on Monday, we began testing Georgetown Gmail on both Georgetown networks and non-Georgetown networks, personal Gmail accts and Georgetown Gmail accounts and saw the problem in both cases which led us to believe that this is not a GU network issue, but rather an issue with Google,” UIS Communications Manager Laura Horton wrote in an email to Vox.

Vox has noticed significant slowdown not only on Google apps but on SaxaNet in general. Vox means beyond the usual, tolerable level of SaxaNet problems. Lately SaxaNet’s had terrible connectivity and download speed issues.

Horton confirmed that yes, SaxaNet has been slow recently, separate from the issues with Google. Horton wrote that SaxaNet’s speed has been reduced up to 50 percent in some instances.

Horton did not respond to Vox‘s request for a potential explanation for what could be causing the recent slowdown or an idea of when the problems may be resolved.

Photo: Sean MacEntee via Flickr

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