Comments of the Week: Ryan, you’re gone but not forgotten

Last week, the Vox staff wrote about their collective salad-tossing experience at the Hilltoss, profiled a few Georgetown juicers making use of ugly fruit, and, most importantly, said goodbye to their illustrious editor, Ryan GreeneVox is in good hands under the reign of its new queen, Marisa Hawley, but many tears were shed in the comments section over Ryan’s departure.

Some who isn’t John Stamos is clearly having trouble getting over the lovable, sharp-tongued ginger.

My good friend and loyal writer, it has been an honor watching you grow as a writer and salsa dancer. Your growth had brought tears to my tired old eyes. I look forward to your coming adventures and hope you attack them like a hungry monkey attacks a freshly pealed banana. Stay young my friend. Stay beautiful and stay free. God bless you. I am not actually John Stamos

Former Vox editor Izzy complemented her onetime minion’s slick goodbye skills.

Love this. My favorite sign off post yet I think.
You da bomb ryry. Also thanks for the photocred

On a less emotional note, on our post about D.C.’s first cat cafe, Joe Corpie dispelled some saucy stereotypes about his place of employment.

YES! Finally a place where I can get some pussy!

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