I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse, Vox

They call me The Blog Editor. Three semesters ago, I was just an innocent blogger trying to make people aware of faulty college acceptance rates. But once I got the taste of money, power, and snark, I simply could not be stopped. With WordPress as my only weapon, I have single-handedly seized the throne as the new patriarch of the Vox Populi Family (sorry, Ryan).

I have seen some pretty tough stuff as a member of the Vox mafia: the crumbling of an economic empire, political mudslinging, and rampant crime.
As assistant editor under Izzy Echarte and Ryan Greene, I slowly learned the ways of the blog. I have achieved the mastery of both handguns and HTML formatting. I have trained my eyes to stare at a computer screen for long periods of time and my fingers to automatically address my emails to University administrators (and my brain to not always expect a satisfactory response).

This semester, my trusty entourage of assistants–and partners in crime–Grace Brennan and Morgan Hines will help me carry out my master plan to monopolize the online campus news industry and cover breaking stories for the Georgetown student body. Be sure to keep up with our escapades with Vox and the Voice on Twitter and Facebook as well as in our print edition every Thursday.

And you know what they say. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer (or just down the hall). Do I have your loyalty?

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