Twuesday Tweetacular: Jack the Bulldog drinks Busch

Did the Georgetown Heckler ever really have to go outside when Girl Scout cookies weren’t sold online? No. The Brownies and Daisies did all of the work and Vox, who had a badge for the most cookies sold in Troop 2401, is personally offended that now Girl Scouts have the easy way out.

Yik Yak has highlighted that George Washington is even inferior to Georgetown in how they procrastinate. We spend our time ignoring our studies by going to see Hillary Clinton speak for the fourth time this year. Oh wait, I guess she doesn’t speak there too much… Awkward.

While Georgetown Hoyas says that things have changed since the 80s, Voxthinks the only real difference is that today, Jack would be holding one the 2014 Hoyas’ ideal choice of cheap beer: Natty or Keystone.

Bill Clinton has gone beyond criticizing George W. Bush’s politics, and has even gone far enough to subtly insert hashtags to insult his lack of a presence on social media. #sillyBill

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