Ferguson protestors flock to D.C.

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Following the announcement on Monday that the Missouri Grand Jury reached the decision to not indict Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson, protests swept the nation’s capital–but with peace and passion instead of violence and hate.

Just hours after the decision, crowds accumulated in the streets and made their way to the White House. Chants of “Hands up, don’t shoot!” and “No justice, no peace!” were heard throughout D.C. as students flocked from from Georgetown, Howard, George Washington, American, and Catholic Universities to join the other 800 protesters.

The demonstrations continued yesterday as a group of about 20 people formed a chain blocking the 14th Street Bridge and continued to shut traffic down in the 12th street tunnel.

Protesters, organized by the Black Youth Foundation, swarmed the city today, starting at the D.C. police headquarters and ending at Mount Vernon Square, in hopes of having more community dialogue with police officers.

“At the end of the day, if we are experiencing harassment or if we are experiencing brutality there should be community members that have the right to look at those cases and make decisions,” said Jonathan Lykes, a member of the Black Youth Foundation.

The protesters met at the D.C. police headquarters with a letter for Police Chief Cathy Lanier asking for meetings between the police officers and members of the community.

The group continued to the Office of Police Complaints, to the offices of D.C. council member Tommy Wells, and the offices of newly elected Mayor Muriel Bowser.

According to the Black Youth Foundation, these protests are not just about what is happening in Ferguson; it is about making a long-term change for the D.C. community.

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