School of Foreign Service announces a potential new Global Business major

On Friday, School of Foreign Service leaders announced a significant update to their ongoing work to establish a new SFS major: the Global Business major. This could be the eighth SFS major starting as early as next semester. Dean Anthony Pirrotti , Dean Anna Steinhelper, and Dean Polly Robey presented the potential program to a group of interested students in Hariri 150.

“This is the first time we are collaborating specifically with the [McDonough School of Business] to create a business-oriented curriculum,” said Pirrotti. “In some ways, this major kind of returns to the roots of the SFS that was really interested in global commerce and global trade as instruments of international affairs and peace.”

According to Pirrotti, this is a major open to SFS students who are specifically interested in examining business and commerce at the undergraduate level. This major would combine the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach favored by the SFS with the level of depth into subject provided by the MSB.

“This will be another interdisciplinary major, so we will be combining the SFS core….with classes offered by MSB: accounting, finance, advanced finance, marketing, trade and commerce,” Pirrotti said. “And so the idea is that we will think about these business analytical tools as ways of understanding international commerce and international trade.”

Dean Robey gave some samples of the course work offered, but cautioned students to keep in mind nothing is set in stone yet. “The core part of this major is made up of four classes: Principles of Marketing, Accounting 101, Accounting 102, and Business Financial Management,” she said.

“We are at a point now where we are fairly confident that this major will become a reality” said Pirrotti, “But it is not 100% until the ink is dry on the paper.” For those worried about a potential commitment to a business career from joining this major, Pirrotti assured them that they do not necessarily have to sell their souls to the corporate world and adopt the life of an MSBro.

“Please keep in mind there is a lot of fluidity in this major as there are with all the other SFS majors, which means if you become a business major, do not feel like you have to enter into business,” he said. “We fully expect some of these majors to go into academia, into non-profit work, and many others to go into business.”

Steinhelper recommended that students not design their schedule around this major as long as it hasn’t been approved, but any student considering the major should keep in mind the potential requirements for the major. “Add drop opens in a few days. We do not want you to be making changes to your schedule based on this. Those changes can happen when the semester starts, things will be nailed down more.”

Photo: Georgetown University via flickr

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