Comments of the Week: Missing hands and heartfelt hashtags

Last week, Vox procrastinated studying for her finals by consuming large quantities of caffeinated beverages at a variety of study spots, witnessed a successful heist of the Healy clock hands, and watched a video featuring Georgetown athletes that was made to raise awareness about sexual assault.

Bulldoge fails to understand the secret to Georgetown’s social media success: why make threats about disciplinary action when you can appeal to the sentimental masses with heartfelt hashtags (or a cute video of Jack riding a skateboard)?

Interesting though, that Georgetown’s communications office decided to post about it on Facebook with an obligatory hashtag. Refusing to condone the crime while raking in the social media love (and possible alum donations)?

Arnold Palmer suggests that perhaps President DeGioia himself scaled the Healy clock tower to get alumni donors in the spirit of Christmas a few weeks early.

^ This screams conspiracy. Georgetown has every motive in the world to take down the clock hands themselves and post about it looking for donations. SMH @Patrick Killillee

Dizzy addresses Mr. Turd‘s self-deprecation, ignorance about Georgetown basketball, and poor web surfing abilities.

” Also do you guys have any white guys on your team? I wonder how he (they) felt about this statement.”

You know, Mr. Turd, this would’ve taken about 2 minutes of research on your part to clear up. At least your pseudonym is truth in advertising.

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