Mayor Bowser vows to defend Initiative 71


It’s usually pretty rare that any overwhelming majority of people agree on something. But DC residents proved this to be wrong on a particular issue. They know what they want. They want their marijuana. And they want it now. Even the Mayor is on board.

But wait. What’s that standing in the way? Right. Congress. What else is new? Mayor Muriel Bowser will not stand for this. But what exactly is she going to do about the big bad federal government?

After Initiative 71 was approved by a large majority of DC voters, which would legalize the recreational use of small amounts of marijuana, Congress attached a rider to the omnibus spending bill, which would stop the law from going into effect.

Bowser, who before her campaign for mayor had been against the legalization of marijuana, told NBC’s Meet the Press reporter Chuck Todd that she plans to defend the will of DC voters.

“We want to work with our Congress and we want the will of the residents of DC to be enforced,” she said.

Bowser was unclear on what they will exactly do to enforce the law. When asked by Todd if they were going to sue Congress over the rider, she dodged the question. “We are going to explore every option to get our law enforced, so that the chief [of police] can also be very clear with the officers of what is legal in the District and what is not,” she said.

Congress still permits the decriminalization of marijuana in the District, but Vox thinks it will be interesting to see what Bowser will do to fully enforce the law. If Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska can all vote to legalize, why not the nation’s capital?

Photo: Alan Bowser via flickr

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