SAC Fair gets rebranded to CAB Fair (no, not cab fare)

For as long as Vox remembers, the Student Activities Fair has been hosted and planned by the Student Activities Commission (SAC) to provide campus outreach for Georgetown’s numerous student organizations. Although SAC is the largest advisory board representing over 100 student groups, it does not represent all of the nearly 300 groups that are active on campus—which is why the Council of Advisory Boards (CAB) has successful advocated for a name change.

According to CAB Chair Sarah Mock (SFS ’15), the Council has officially taken on the duty of hosting and planning the student activities fairs ever since it signed its constitution last spring semester.

“CAB is constituted of 6 voting members, each a representative of one of the advisory boards (Student Activities Commission (SAC), Performing Arts Advisory Council (PAAC), the CSJ Advisory Board for Student Organizations (ABSO), the Advisory Board for Club Sports (ABCS), Media Board, and Campus Ministry) as well as non-voting members (including GPB, Lecture Fund, and GUSA),” Mock wrote to Vox in an email. “Since Campus Ministry CAB representative Noreen Sajwani (NHS ’15) is the Vice Chair of the Spring CAB Fair, we felt it was the ideal time to change the name of the fair to better represent its hosts and the groups it represents.”

“CAB’s purpose is to provide a space where the advisory boards can come together,” SAC Chair Connor Maytnier (COL ‘17) told Vox. “With all of the advisory boards in the same room, CAB facilitates collaboration.”

According to Maytnier, CAB has begun hosting informal town hall events centered around topics such as event caps and appeals. It is also the Council’s hope that these discussions will include dialogue that is representative of all student organizations, not just the organizations of a particular advisory board.

Maytnier also added that this integration of advisory boards does not necessarily mean that CAB will be implementing policy on these topics in the near future. “At the very least, CAB will be able to provide useful feedback and information to the respective advisory boards, which in turn could influence policies and practices,” he said.

According to Mock, there should be very little perceptible difference in the way the fair is run. “There will be more designated free speech space this semester, and we did secure the [Healey Family Student Center], but the organizers and facilitators will be representatives from all six of the advisory boards, which has traditionally be true.”

Additional reporting by Marc Hosecloth.

Photo: The Georgetown Voice

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  1. This is nonsense. Now I can’t ask “Who’s going to lick my sack fair?” every semester.

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