One dead and dozens hospitalized after smoke fills L’Enfant Plaza Metro

Following a tragic incident at the L’Enfant Plaza station this afternoon, one woman has died, two have been transported to different area hospitals in critical condition, and 81 others were also hospitalized.

The metro station was evacuated and closed for several hours due to smoke, although the source of the smoke is still unknown.

Jonathan Rogers was one of the passengers aboard the Yellow Line train when it abruptly came to a halt on its way to the Pentagon Station. “You could see smoke coming through the doors,” he told the The Washington Post. “It started to get scary pretty quick.”

Rogers also told The Post it took about 40 minutes before firefighters arrived and began evacuating the train. The passengers were evacuated through the tunnel back into the station, where it was reported that the air was easier to breathe.

According to the DCist, Metro General Manager Richard Sarles confirmed in a press conference the death of one passenger and that two others are in critical condition at George Washington Hospital. An additional 40 people were taken to the Howard University Hospital and 20 to 25 others were taken to Washington Hospital Center for minor injuries.

In the most recent update by the The Post, metro service near L’Enfant Plaza on the Yellow and Green lines has been suspended through the evening. The Orange, Blue, and Silver line train services were restored at around 8 p.m.

The Metropolitan Police Department is currently investigating what caused smoke to fill the train on L’Enfant Plaza’s Green and Yellow line.

Photo: ChrisDag via flickr

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