D.C. streetcar rear-ends car in eighth crash since October

The District’s new streetcar system has had some trouble during its test runs, which have been underway since October. Last Wednesday, a streetcar crashed into a car as it slowed down.

There are conflicting accounts about what exactly happened during the crash. A D.C. Department of Transportation spokesman told The Washington Post that the car’s driver switched lanes in front of the streetcar prior to slowing down. 

Dana Crumlin, the car driver, says that she did not switch lanes and was actually stopped at a red light for “about a minute” before the streetcar smashed into her from behind.

While this incident and others like it have shaken the city’s confidence in the new streetcars, the Department of Transportation remains unfazed, saying that none of the collisions injured anyone and are merely a product of the new system. The streetcars are still set to begin a regular schedule starting Jan. 19.

The State Safety Oversight Office has reason to believe that the streetcars are less safe than Department of Transportation officials would like the public to think. The Oversight Office claims transportation officials fabricated key safety documents and misled officials about streetcar safety.

It’s definitely a messy situation, and Vox probably won’t want to ride a streetcar any time soon, although, statistically, it’s probably pretty safe. Regardless, don’t say that Vox, or the Voice‘s editorial board, didn’t warn you about this one.

Photo: Georgetown Voice

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