D.C. music and activism: unbreakable bond with upcoming shows

Within the next month, four shows will be played to help raise awareness about social and political issues—some of which, the DCist claims, the country may be fed up with hearing about.

With D.C.’s history in the music world, a documentary has been released, along with several others, portraying what DCist called a very “punk” tone. The documentary, called More Than a Witness features a series of interviews focused on activism in the D.C. music community, or as the Positive Force page puts it, “30 years of punk politics in action”.

(1) The first of four upcoming shows is this Saturday, Jan. 17 to benefit Net Neutrality—in the fight for free internet. The show is located in Columbia Heights at St. Stephen’s church. Attendees will be asked to pay a small fee between five and fifteen dollars at the door.

(2) Also located at St. Stephen’s church in Columbia Heights is the Benefit for #Blacklivesmatter. The concert is being held to make money for Black Lives Matter DC. Creators posted on the event’s Facebook page that, “if the system won’t indict cops, we indict the system”. The show is donation based with a suggestion of ten dollars per person. All ages are encouraged to join in. The show begins at 8:00 p.m. on Jan. 23.

(3) On Feb. 1 at 5:00 p.m., a benefit will be held for the Dance Institution of Washington at the Dance Institute of Washington. Four bands will be playing the event including Jail Solidarity, People’s Drug, Citadel, and Wild Honey. Music begins at 6:00 p.m..

(4) Finally, on Feb. 7, there will be a benefit for the DC Punk Archive. The benefit will also celebrate the birthday of DC Music Download. The concert held at 9:30 Club, and it is noted on the event page to be “the biggest celebration of D.C.’s music scene to kick-off 2015!” Tickets are available at ticketfly.com.

Get out there and check it out Hoyas! Music for the people!

Photo: Stéphane Gallay via Flikr

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