This Week in the Voice: Georgetown students demand racial justice

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 2.29.56 PMIn this week’s feature, Shalina Chatlani and James Constant examine the recent history of activism among African-Americans in the wake of the shootings of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Gardner within the context of the Georgetown bubble.

“Whether you’re white, whether you’re black, whether you’re Hispanic, whatever, you can tailor who you live with, you can tailor what you study, you can tailor everything to stay in a comfort zone all four years,” Corbin-Johnson said. “And that’s the problem. You need to get out of a comfort zone.”

The Editorial Board takes issue with the latest congressional attempt to impede D.C.’s autonomous decisions, in this case regarding Initiative 71 to legalize marijuana.

In News, Courtnie Baek takes a look at the new Global Business major from the SFS and the MSB.

Assistant Sports Editor Isabel Escharte interviews Tyler Adams, a manager of the Georgetown Men’s basketball team.

Brian McMahon gets a preview of Nomadic theater’s latest production Sick and finds that it’s truly nothing to sneeze at.

Roey Hadar talks about his attempt to re-learn how to read for pleasure in Voices.

And finally, this week Page 13 takes a break from it’s humor to stand in solidarity with those killed in the attacks against Charlie Hebdo.

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