Looking for work after graduation? D.C. might not be a bad place to stay

According to DCist in an article they published earlier this week, Washington DC ranks at 17th on the list of best cities to find jobs in the United Sates.

“Best Cities for Job Seekers in 2015” was put together by NerdWallet in its new financial study. The study emerged regarding the slowly recovering economy.

NerdWallet acknowledged that while the economy has been making a certain comeback, it is a slow one that leaves the unemployment rate hovering around 6% (last month reports noted 5.6% as reported by NPR on Jan. 10). As a result many citizens are still in a state of searching for their next employment opportunity.

The list considered the several factors: workforce growth, job availability, and affordability (living costs). Between the three, a picture painted each city’s job atmosphere. Statistically, unemployment rate, working age population growth (2009-2013), median income for full-time workers and median monthly rent were calculated to determine an overall score for each city.

Those looking to find a job in the D.C. area can utilize tools like dcjobs.com to help with the process. NerdWeek’s financial study is a good indicator that staying in the city might be a fairly good choice. Additionally, tips, though a little dated, from U.S. News & World Report can help.

Photo: Maryland GovPics via Flikr

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