This Week in the Voice: Georgetown’s resident K-pop star Roy Kim

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 2.34.43 AM In this week’s feature, Courtnie Baek interviews Roy Kim, one of South Korea’s most beloved K-pop stars. Kim tells the Voice about his Georgetown experience and what it’s like to balance stardom with school life.

Before I got into Georgetown, I hadn’t done anything that I really wanted. I think it’s generic for any yoo-hak-sang [Korean term for international students] to spend time in Korea studying SATs or doing things just for college. That’s how I got into the show Superstar K, and it went on from there

The Editorial Board decries Duke University’s decision to rescind it policy allowing Muslim students to practice call to prayer.

In News, Ian Philbrick reports on Georgetown’s interfaith community.

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In Voices Ryan Greene takes a critical look on how a culture of violence in the U.S. has impacted the War on Terror.

Last but not least, Page 13 gives us its commentary on the State of the Union.

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