Comments of the Week: You can have whatever you like (as long as it’s Joe Biden)

Last week, Vox gave her take on the actual state of the union, watched as the School of Foreign Service grappled with an identity crisis over the possibility of introducing minors into the curriculum, and covered the resignation of Georgetown’s first Hindu chaplain.

TI let Vox know that when he says “you can have whatever you like”, he isn’t just referring to D.C. statehood.

Want Joe Biden, need Joe Biden

bulldoge reveals the true purpose of Georgetown’s My Campus snap chat story: capturing the CAB fair craziness.

turnup at the heal with some cab fare

Finally Arnold Palmer uncovers the striking fact that this entire blog is actually just a ruse.

Everyone knows that Patrick Killillee uses Vox as a mouthpiece for his regime. I’m not quite sure what kind of subliminal propaganda Pat is pulling here to push his agenda, but I know it is somehow present. I invite you all to join me in a boycott of Vox and all her corruption until she publicly acknowledges the evil agenda she is being forces to push.

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