The Corp will begin serving new Compass Coffee this Friday

Well my fellow Hoyas, it seems as though the days of comme ci, comme ├ža coffee are no more: The Corp has officially chosen a new coffee vendor. And a pretty cool one, at that.

The Corp has announced its new partnership with Compass Coffee, a company that was founded by two former Marines Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez whose interests in coffee making began when they were stationed in Afghanistan. The new coffee will start being served as early as Friday at Uncommon Grounds, Sunday at Midnight Mug, and Monday at all three coffee services.

Compass Coffee is located on 7th Street in the historic Shaw neighborhood and serves fair-trade coffee made with beans from Ethiopia, Brazil, and Guatemala. It has also made The List 2015 of local things that the Washington Post has named as “in” for this year, among the likes of Gilmore Girls and Venmo.

According to the Corp’s Chief Operating Officer for 2013-2014 Patrick Moore (MSB ’15), one of the most important qualities of Compass Coffee is their passion for quality. “Many companies reach out to us trying to sell us on a variety of marketing ploys, but Compass’ commitment to quality was what we knew campus needed,” Moore said. “They also are extremely knowledgable about the product, equipment, training, and industry which is really helpful for us since our employee base is constantly changing.”

In regard to The Corp’s decision to switch to Compass Coffee, Moore told Vox that although their current vendor, Mayorga, has been reliable, the company’s recent expansion and work with new clients made it difficult for the two to maintain a close relationship. “Additionally, it’s no secret that we’ve gotten a ton of feedback on campus that people have been interested in seeing The Corp serve a higher quality coffee product,” he said.

Feedback from The Corp’s annual Shareholders Day event in Red Square was also an important factor. “Last fall, we put up a big board and asked people to put sticky notes up of the thing they most wanted to see The Corp do in the next year,” Moore said. “We received a huge range of ideas but better coffee came up several times.”

Moore told Vox that while past COO’s and Upper Managements at large have likely considered a coffee overhaul, there had never been a perfect vendor match. “Compass just got off the ground this year, so they wouldn’t have been an option in the past,” he said. “Over the past year we’ve made a renewed commitment to supporting entrepreneurial and local sources which Compass definitely falls into as well since it’s starting up right here in D.C.,” he said.

For The Corp, this partership with Compass Coffee could have a major impact on student satisfaction with their coffee options here on the Hilltop. “Throughout this entire switch, customer experience is our number one priority,” Moore said. “We’re optimistic that people will like our coffee and are investing a lot of time and money into upgrading our training and equipment behind the counter as well.”

Photo: Ted Eytan via flickr

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated as of Jan. 26 10:02 PM.

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  1. But when will they begin selling the new coffee?

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