Provost announces new Committee for Diversity

Earlier this week, Provost Robert Groves announced the establishment of the Provost’s Committee for Diversity and has invited students interested in reforming race and social issues on campus to apply to join for this spring semester.

The committee was a project proposed by students last spring and has since been a collaborative effort between the Division of Student Affairs, the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity & Affirmative Action, and the Office of the President.

“The Provost’s Committee for Diversity is a direct result of student initiative and student-faculty-administrator collaboration, and we hope to continue this important work in partnership for many years to come,” said Provost Groves in his university-wide announcement intended to inform students about this new opportunity.

“Students [last Spring] felt the need to engage Georgetown in dialogue about how to increase diversity awareness, particularly in the education realm,” student advocate for diversity issues on campus and active proponent of the initiative process Harrison Williams (COL’17) said. “Having a diversity class, for example, would help us really engage with Georgetown, and [the Provost’s committee] would be working with Georgetown to try and develop a more wholesome community.”

The application calls for students who are “action-oriented and prepared to create tangible institutional change [and who can] work constructively and collaboratively with a large group.” A yearlong commitment that spans from January of this year to March of 2016, this committee expects students to engage in an ongoing investigation of racial and social justice, intersectionality, and awareness of marginalized groups on campus.

This larger initiative will be comprised of different subcommittees and will aim to address many issues regarding students of color on campus, everything from academics to student life realms.

“[The Provost’s Committee] is a great way for students to get involved in the different facets of Georgetown,” Williams said. “Georgetown is great at engaging and dialogue, but [this new project is about] really taking action steps and find ways to institutionalize change on campus.”

Interested students can find the online application here. It is due on Wednesday February 4, 2015 by midnight.

Photo: Georgetown University

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